See what happens when a retired British intelligence agent joins forces with a nerdy GenX couch potato...

Freshly minted retiree Irma Abercrombie wasn't looking for drama when she invited Violet Blackheart—an engineer with a serious vitamin D deficiency—for a visit at her island home. But after an armed robbery in town goes terribly wrong, they get pulled into an island intrigue: Was it a simple snatch and grab, or are there other forces at work? And if Irma's so retired, why is there a dead guy in her driveway?

Irma's hands might be deadly weapons, but she's all thumbs when it comes to computer problems. Next, she has to figure out how to convince Violet to investigate a technology puzzle that might have been masterminded by someone with a taste for murder.

Violet embraces a budding cupcake addiction and day-drinking, while Irma grapples with a bomb threat and wonders how she ended up with a pug as a sidekick...and whether Violet is hiding a few secrets of her own. Irma's headed for a showdown on a luxurious island estate, and she has every intention of dragging Violet along for the ride.

Irma Abercrombie wants to save the world.
Violet Blackheart just wants to survive her vacation.



Irma Abercrombie is an energetic retiree with a mean right hook, a shadowy past, and a profound love of Christmas. Surrounded by seasonal joy—and way too many stuffed Yuletide beavers—at the island house her family has owned for generations, she's all set for the perfect holiday.

But when a young friend asks for help with figuring out a financial snafu, her perfect day is in jeopardy. Can Irma—a woman with a yen for strong tea, cardio, and a well-oiled gun—find a thief before the festive season kicks off, or will Christmas be ruined? An Irma Saves Christmas novella.



When a beloved local tennis pro is murdered, everyone in the Beaver Island community is a suspect. Was it one of his many paramours, another tennis pro trying to take his job, or some other hidden enemy?

After a tractor goes berzerk at the groundbreaking for a controversial new construction site, the engineer in charge reaches out to Violet for help reverse-engineering the hacked equipment, but they miss their connection. And as Violet's vacation steams ahead, she toys with learning to sail while Irma toys with going on a real date with a dangerous ex-nemesis. But when she realizes Violet can count cards, Irma enters her in a charity poker tournament on a luxurious yacht—although she might have signed them up for more than they bargained for.

Witnesses might be dropping like flies, but with her trusty canine sidekick Mr. Pugglesworth and intrepid (but nauseous) nerd Violet Blackheart, retired British intelligence agent Irma Abercrombie sets out to find a killer.

Irma's trying to conquer the world.
Violet's just trying to conquer her vertigo.