This is no ordinary vacation...

When newly retired spy Irma Abercrombie entices a computer engineer for a month-long stay at her island home, the plan is to introduce her to a laidback country lifestyle. But when nerdy couch potato Violet Blackheart accepts Irma's invitation, she doesn't realize her host has a shadowy past, a need for speed, and a penchant for industrial-strength tea.

Then an eccentric neighbour's household is embroiled in chaos after her newly-installed pet door attracts an interloper. But to figure out what—or who—is helping themselves to their neighbour's open (doggie) door policy, Irma has to coax Violet off the couch and into a mystery that'll nudge them both out of their comfort zones.

Irma wants to secure the perimeter.

Violet just wants a nap.

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